Pricing: Pay What You Want (including free)


Ideal for those just beginning their journey or with minimal needs. Pay what you feel is fair – even if that's nothing.

  • Features:
    • Open source access to Basic LMS software
    • Standard educational tools and resources
    • Self-service support and public community forums

Pricing: $20/month or $99/annual* Perpetual License


Perfect for committed users seeking more advanced features and support.

  • Features:

    • All features from Tier 1

    • Advanced functionality, including enhanced customization, reports, and analytics

    • Customer service and support access

    • Access to additional resources and premium content

    • Regular updates and new feature rollouts

*Two-week money-back guarantee for first-time users. Monthly billing with prior notification for renewals. Easy cancellation process.


*Exclusive offer for yearly subscribers:

As long as you opt for the annual payment, the app is automatically converted into a perpetual license after the minimum term of one year.
This means, even if you cancel your subscription after the first year, you can continue to use the last version that was released during your subscription period - to the full extent and without time restrictions. 

Pricing: Contact us for a custom quote


Tailored for institutions or individuals needing bespoke solutions, including multiple account setups.


  • All features from Tiers 1 and 2
  • Customizable package to fit specific needs
  • Personalized onboarding and ongoing support
  • Scalable solutions for larger user groups or specialized requirements

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