Hi! My name’s Clar (pronounced like Clark but without the “k”), sometimes I go by Clarisse. I’m an illustrator and animator from Indonesia, currently studying at Rhode Island School of Design. My creative process involves a lot of people-watching in cafes, mindless doodles of food cravings, and binge-watching cartoons. Outside of art, my interests include wine & cheese nights, true crime podcasts and movie marathons.

 For this series, I illustrated the greyhounds in a combination of watercolor textures and digital line work. A focus on this series was the personalization of the dogs so I played around with many different patterns and colors to make them all unique. I wanted to portray them as the lovable creatures they are so I also named some of them and imagined all the different personalities they could have.

This project involved lots of drawing dogs. I love drawing and I love dogs, it was a definite yes. There’s a special place in my heart for dogs, they are my ultimate weakness. A picture of a dog is all I need to lift my spirits. If I could adopt all the dogs that are rescued, I would.

I accept commissions and freelance work. Just contact me at